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TKSU Version History

Version Date Description

0.1.32 17 Oct 2003 Modified script output. Changed shell from /bin/sh to /bin/bash, and cause TempDir (/tmp/tksu) to be created with mode 777 if it doesn't exist.

Version Date Description

0.1.31 03 Oct 2003 Bug fix: Use backup Courier font if LucidaTypewriter font is not available.

0.1.30 04 Dec 2002 Bug fix: Fixed cmap parameter for ximage module. A description string is now mandatory for each member of an enumeration (see specs/README).

0.1.29 25 Nov 2002 Bug fix: parameters were repeated in segyread module.

0.1.28 23 Nov 2002 Modified to support Tcl/Tk version 8.3 or later. Earlier versions of TKSU could only be installed with Tcl/Tk version 8.0. Note that all versions of TKSU require the TclX (extended Tcl) package, and it must have the same version number as the installed Tcl/Tk package, though patch numbers may vary. Be aware that the latest version of TclX may not be immediately available for the latest stable Tcl/Tk release. For a compatible version of TclX, check the TclX home page.

0.1.27 14 Oct 2002 Bug fix.
Reported bug: if *.flo script is run with 'bash -posix', the script fails, reporting that the function name is an invalid identifier.
Fix: in each function name in the script file, replace dashes with underscores. Under POSIX rules, a function name or identifier may contain only alphanumeric and underscore characters.

0.1.26 1 Oct 2002 Initial beta version.

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